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In more than 20 years of digital transition for the music industry, innovation has always been at the heart of implementing new solutions. We are committed to get innovation to fully contribute to the development of the Musictech ecosystem in France.

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What we do

We are creating concrete business synergies for a network of innovative companies members of the association. Our goal is to promote the expertise of French Musictech key players on a national and international level, while becoming a gateway between music industry companies and institutions.

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Music Tech France remains attuned to the music innovators’ needs, whatever their structure or stage of development. We deployed an internal platform our members to keep in touch, and our team is always available for suggestions from the collective.

We are here to initiate and support a coherent discussion between innovative companies and music industry institutions.

the players

We set up meetings with innovative players in the music industry, to share experiences, suggestions and create real business opportunities between members of the same ecosystem.

Music Tech France also set up a recruitment platform specifically dedicated to innovative music companies. We also launched a directory shared between our members to facilitate the knowledge of the Musictech and its key players.


We aspire to participate to unifying the voice of Musictech. Music Tech France is committed to representing French music innovators on national and international levels.

We seek to make Musictech speak with one voice. Music Tech France aims at representing French music innovators at national and international levels. We have partnered with various professional associations and events, serving as a gateway for our members to major conventions and fairs of tech, creativity and music.

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The starting point of Music Tech France is the study of (many) French innovative music companies by IRMA, demonstrating the need to come together and build a strong industry for music innovators.

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Music Tech France is the initiative of 9 innovators, creators of an independent entity representing the French Musictech. We gather, listen and meet innovators to strengthen our sector.

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Our goal is to link all music innovators, to help create very concrete business synergies. Music Tech France is the association of all actors whose innovation is the heart of business.

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France is the initiative of 9 innovators in music, created at MaMA Festival 2019.

We have teamed up to connect and structure an ecosystem inherent in the music industry and necessary for its evolution.

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